A Dreampunk Manifesto

Credit: Phazed
  1. Dreampunk is not a real thing. But neither is cyberpunk. Neither is science fiction, fantasy, transrealism, avant-pulpism, or the new weird. Divisions between genres are entirely artificial. They are valid only to the extent that they inform the reader and inspire the writer.
  2. Dreaming is to story as thought is to language, as mind is to matter.
  3. Novelty, spectacle, titillation, escapism, and humor are all spices to be used liberally, but the nourishment a story provides is meaningful vicarious experience. Honesty is essential.
  4. As a dreampunk, I revere the unconscious mind above conscious machinations. I respect intuition and recognize the magnitude of my own ignorance.
  5. I resist all outside efforts to subvert and co-opt my free will. Of particular concern are large organizations such as governments, corporations, religions, and secret societies.
  6. I respect personal privacy but abhor organizational secrecy.
  7. I revere the ineffable beauty of nature. I seek to love, not to hate. I seek to support, not to destroy. I seek to understand, not to condemn.
  8. That said, wherever I encounter evil, it is my duty to bring it to light so that others may avoid it.
  9. I revere the moon, a symbol of the impossible yet manifest—an enormous rock floating steadily above our heads, never changing course, never even turning its face. It calls to me, an avowed lunatic.
  10. I thank my readers for their time and attention. Every story is a love letter to them.
Credit: Kelsey Smith

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