Mirrormaze A Dreampunk Anthology

Mirrormaze: A Dreampunk Anthology

From Alice to Don Quixote to Gilgamesh and back into prehistory, dreams have always played a special role in storytelling. In modern times, we find ourselves caught in an explosion of technology whose ramifications confound our understanding of the natural world, the real world. Never before has reality felt so plastic, so unreal.

The crystallization of cyberpunk in the 1980s (heralded by the film Blade Runner, the novel Neuromancer, and the anthology Mirrorshades) led to a variety of “punk” genres with little in common other than a certain ineffable feeling: a sense of wonder at the power of human contrivance mingled with an overwhelming dread of the same.

We now find ourselves in a very strange place. Technology is embedded so deeply in our lives that it no longer feels separate; it’s taken for granted, like breathing. Whatever can be imagined can be experienced, if not in the “real” world then somewhere else. Somewhere better. This is our new reality. We live inside our heads, in our dreams.

Millennia in the making, the time has come for the first-ever dreampunk anthology: Mirrormaze.


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Chapter Title Author
1 Pipe Dream Cliff Jones Jr.
2 Happy Birthday, Tinkerbell Elizabeth Roderick
3 Chrome, Reflected Ragnar Martinson
4 The Future Is Milk Courtney LoCicero
5 Sleepwalker Jeb R. Sherrill
6 Angel in the Cave Cliff Jones Jr.
7 Martian Spirit Quest Steven R. Brandt
8 The End of Michael Clement J. R. R. R. Hardison
9 Origin Yelena Calavera
10 Transmigration David Pierre
11 A Bottle of Jinn Cliff Jones Jr.
12 Hidden Features Alex Pilalis
13 Kiss of Fire Anna Tizard
14 Flight of the Universe Stephen Coghlan
15 Teacup Koi Courtney LoCicero
16 Two Roads M. Crane Hana
17 Alice Under Marmalade Skies Catherine Dufour
18 Dorothy in the Land of Poppies Cliff Jones Jr.
19 Domestic Animals I Have Known Charles C. Mitchell
20 The Mirror Cracked Tessa B. Dick
21 Walking in Dreams Michael D. Nadeau
22 Drifters David Michael Williams
23 Buffering Shaun Allan
24 Thatcher Maugden and the Dream Witch Dez Schwartz
25 The Dragon’s Nest Thomas Fortenberry
26 Somnium Jeb R. Sherrill
27 Visual Snow L. B. Shimaira
28 Nightmare’s End Alex Pilalis
29 So Long Cliff Jones Jr.

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